We receive EU's grant support to develop the world's first successfully offshore tested combined wind and wave platform

Aalborg Universitet
European Union
Trinity College

H2020 EU-SME grant – The Poseidon Project

Floating Power Plant was in June 2015 awarded 1.14 million euro for the two-year project ”Market Maturation of Floating Power Plant’s Floating Wind- Wave- Energy Device - POSEIDON” under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 673976. The support sped up the process for the commercialisation of the UK market considerably.
We greatly appreciate the support and trust we experience from the EU, utilities and site developers that have provided support and letters for the application.
For general questions about the EU-project, please contact rwh@floatingpowerplant.com. For specific questions related to a work package, contact the work package lead.

The project contained the following 6 work packages:

Project management
Development of value chain
Market recognition as a hybrid device
Building market confidence - showcasing
Commercial-scale device specifications
Exploitation, dissemination and communication
"The EU SME grant has significantly increased Floating Power Plant's UK market development activities and the results are already very positive. This includes the establishment of commercial project companies, increased awareness, certification and an improved value chain."

Chris McConville, GM FPP Ltd

ICONN-EID. European Industrial DoCtorate on Offshore WiNd and Wave ENergy

ICONN is a unique European industrial doctorate initiative to meet the current and future demand for highly skilled offshore wind and wave energy engineers by developing and improving European capacity in the design, development and performance optimisation for offshore wind and wave energy infrastructures. The main objective is to address specific challenges and capabilities related to advanced modelling of hydrodynamics, hydraulics and control in order to improve the effective and efficient deployment of offshore wind and wave installations through the development of new computational algorithms for design of components and innovative control strategies.

The initiative is strongly influenced by active participation from industries, and will develop and improve European capacity in the offshore renewable energy area, since Europe strives to lead the global market in this sector. Floating Power Plant, together with Trinity College of Dublin and Aalborg University, are the three beneficiaries of this Horizon2020 Programme, and three early stage researchers will receive individualised training that embraces elements of personalised learning, and network-wide technical skills guidance.

The proposed training contributes greatly to European Commission strategic research, training and innovation actions as established through the Europe 2020 strategy, Blue Energy, and in European Commission Innovation Union goals.

For more details on ICONN visit www.eid-iconn.eu or contact Pilar Heras ph@floatingpowerplant.com or phone +45 2830 7871.

"The ICONN project brings together academia and industry to develop cutting edge numerical models for wave and wind hybrid devices. My PhD research includes the development of the model, then using the model to develop advanced control strategies for FPP. I really enjoy the challenge of working with such a novel technology, and am proud to be helping hybrid renewables become a reality."

Pilar Heras, ICONN PhD Candidate