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Floating Power Plant operates the world's only offshore-proven and grid-connected combined floating wind and wave device.

Floating Power Plant

We make floating renewable energy solutions to the benefit of the global climate and the health of humanity. We combine technologies to reduce the Levelised Cost of Energy and become the market leaders in the over 45 m water depth market segment.

The P80

The P80 is a floating semi-submersible platform that will host a single wind turbine from 5-8 MW and further supports 2-3.6  MW wave power.

The P80 platform is anchored by using a standard turret mooring technology that has been proven, and is still used, by the oil and gas industry. The system used is a disconnectable turret mooring system with slack (catenary) anchor chains.

The combination of the mooring system, the platform design and the high wave energy absorption ensures that the platform vanes 360 degrees in order to face the incoming waves. The mooring turret is the grid connection point (hub) from which the platform can be disconnected and towed away.

The P37

P37 is the only wave wind device in the world that has produced joint power to the grid in a real offshore environment.

Over a period of several years P37 has been tested, to document the efficiency rate in off-shore conditions and the use of the system as a floating foundation for wind turbines.

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Research & development

Developing and commercialising a combined floating wind and wave device requires significant efforts in engineering, modelling and testing.

Together with our partners Floating Power Plant will continue to execute scaled testing of the platform and sub components both in dry and wet environments. Data from scaled experiments are crucial for engineering, optimization, modelling an certification.

We are reducing the long term cost of renewables energy in corporation with our partners

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