WP1 - Project management


Last updated: 1 July 2017

Lead: CEO Anders Køhler

The key focus of this work package was to ensure the project met the overall objectives of the two-year project. The main objectives for this work package were: 

  • Ensuring an efficient administrative execution of the project, so that all knowledge created is managed and disseminated in a coordinated and coherent manner, and that all technical activities, financial and legal aspects are managed to a high standard.
  • Ensuring all aspects of the EC requirements for communication and reporting were fulfilled.
  • Overall management of the activities within the project.
  • Risk management and definition of contingency planning.

Summary of work performed in WP1

Continuous meetings were held to align process, budget and risk and continuous reporting were undertaken during the project. 

Several subcontracting activities were conducted as part of this project. The control of the tendering process to ensure maximum value for both FPP and the EU was performed by the management. Several key partnerships with industry specialists were established during the project and they all continue to progress satisfactorily.

Strict budget control was applied throughout the project and the budget was continuously updated and presented together with progress status at board meetings throughout the duration of the project. During period 3 a new business plan was approved by the board and a capital raise was initiated. The capital raise will be completed during Q3 2017 to support the further development of the project. 

A website was launched in period 1 to provide the public with information about the EU project and ongoing progress. During period 3 a new version of the website which supports the business and strategy development was launched (the website you are on now). The website integrates with LinkedIn, it is more visually engaging and the content is focused on the business outcomes of the project rather than the more technical aspects.  

Management of the project risk and contingency follow up has been an important tool and review on the progress, milestones and objectives were added to the board meeting gross agenda as the goals of the project and the overall goal of the company are significantly linked. Discussions on board level secured continued updates and focus on the progress towards milestones and objectives throughout the project.

Since the start of the project FPP has expanded with 5 employees, 1 PhD student, 1 master student and 1 intern. During period 3 a project manager joined the team to assist with project management, coordination of information and a smooth running of review meetings and project meetings. A new intern also joined and Graham Brown joined the FPP Ltd board. During period 4 the board was reorganised to better fit the commercialisation strategy. David Nickols is now both chairman of FPP A/S and of FPP Ltd. For more information on the board constitution, see http://floatingpowerplant.com/company/

During the project a Norwegian branch office to manage the relationship with our Norwegian partner and a UK branch office to support for the capital raise and investment by UK investors were established. Both offices are up and running satisfactorily.

See a list of the current staff and board members.


Deliverables in WP1

D1.1 Updated website (replaced by this website and therefore no longer accessible)

D1.2 Midterm report - confidential report and therefore not accessible here.

D1.3 Final reports - confidential report and therefore not accessible here.