WP6 Exploitation, dissemination and communication



Last updated: 17 July 2017

Lead: CEO Anders Køhler.

Work in this work package was carried out by FPP A/S and FPP Ltd.


The key of objectives of WP6 were to:

  • develop a dissemination strategy that will enable publication of the project results
  • further develop a commercialisation plan
  • identify and further engage with end-users (customers).


Summary of work performed in WP6


Dissemination and communication

A dissemination and communication plan was developed together with measurement tools and a significant amount of effort is continuously used on this activity.

Key result of this activity was to provide general information and link interested stakeholders to the correct entry point.

In short the key activities revolved around:

  • Identifying, engaging and building relationships with key stakeholders (groups and persons).
  • Second version of the website www.floatingpowerplant.com was launched during period 3 (the website you are reading now). The new version of the website focus on the commercial elements of FPP and downplay the previous focus on R&D.
  • LinkedIn which has proven to be very effective in creating awareness within and engage with the key stakeholder groups. FPP is tracking followers to see if the correct target groups are joining and especially the increase in end-users and finance-related followers is positive as significant effort is being put here. The engagement with our identified stakeholder groups is over 75%.
  • Participation in conferences to meet identified stakeholders (both new and known), meeting new contacts within the project scope, increased general awareness.
  • Wave flume. The wave flume was a great asset for illustrating key technology facts on the technology both at the wave flume and via the remote view setup.
  • FPP has seen an increased interest and continues to receive positive PR in different channels.

 Limited information shared due to confidentiality.


Market intelligence

FPP A/S and FPP Ltd is developing for a dynamic emerging market. This is driven by a need for:

  • a larger market segment (area) in the offshore plus 45 m water depth segment with high wind and high wave resource
  • better power quality lead by a better and more constant and predicable offshore wind and wave resource
  • lower LCOE
  • reduced environmental and social (out of sight) impacts.


The key activities can be summarised to:

  • update of competitor analysis and comparison
  • market positioning
  • EU legislation
  • joining branch associations and strategy groups
  • market status.


FPP’s competitors in its market segment are wave “only” devices and floating wind “only” devices.

FPP has, based on the updated design and business development, used significant effort in further explaining FPP position and market segment – this as the only combined wind and wave technologies close to commercialisation. Together with a consultant, FPP has analysed wave, wind and bathymetry data to create the market position map below. 

Shortly within the wave energy market segment:

Several bankruptcies, also from the largest developers, e.g. Pelamis wave power, Aquamarine, Ocenlinx, Dexa wave energy, etc. In general, the wave “only” energy market segment is struggling with a significantly reduced utility and investor interest. Key front runners are now Wave roller, Penguin and Carnegi wave power followed by several smaller newer developers. The wave energy industry is however still characterised by very high LCOEs.     

Shortly within the floating wind market segment:

This segment holds the competitor to FPP with several successful prototypes deploying and with a significantly stronger value chain supporting/developing the industry. Key technology developers are Hywind, WindFloat, Ideol, Fukushima forward (project) etc. Two small array were further announced in this last period with the Hywind Project in PeterHead and the Windfloat project in Portugal. These are very important steps and projects for developing this emerging market. FPP are following these projects (and other) closely.

The long term market competition parameter is LCOE. FPP does not view wave power alone a key competitor but floating wind alone. FPP combination still provides a unique value proposition as it can be deployed in the high wave areas (where floating wind for O&M and stability reasons) and the LCOE trajectory is very promising as also confirmed by the third party due diligence conducted by BVGA during period 3.


Exploitation – further development of a commercialisation plan

From DoA: The overall objective of POSEIDON is to position FPP for high growth by generating market uptake of its innovative hybrid concept for the deep water offshore renewables segment costumers. 

Based on the progress in the project two UK project companies have been set up (one in Wales and one in Scotland) with an end-user with the goal of developing two UK commercial farms. This done in stages, but with the goal of reaching over 200 MW per site. This is a key step in reaching the overall goal of the project.

See http://www.floatingpowerplant.com/projects/

Further commercialisation activities are confidential.


Deliverables in WP6

D6.1 Dissemination and communication plan - confidential report and therefore not accessible here.

D6.2 Market intelligence report - confidential report and therefore not accessible here.

D6.3 Commercialisation plan - confidential report and therefore not accessible here.