Welcome to SEAWORTHY: Revolutionizing Offshore Power with Clean Energy

SEAWORTHY: Sustainable dispatchable Energy enabled by wAve-Wind OffshoRe plaTforms with onboard HYdrogen

Floating Power Plant has received 26m€ for SEAWORTHY: a groundbreaking venture poised to transform the offshore energy landscape. Our pioneering technology, P-Demo, seamlessly combines a 4.3 MW Wind Turbine Generator, 0.8 MW Wave Energy Converter, and a cutting-edge hydrogen system. Deployed at PLOCAN’s test site in Spain, it marks the world’s first wind-wave-hydrogen unit, generating 11.05 GWh annually, steering clear of 25,557 tonnes of CO2 in its initial decade.

What sets us apart? P-Demo optimizes wind and wave resources, boosting power quality and consistency. Our innovation integrates hydrogen production systems, up to 300 MWh of energy storage, and fuel cells, delivering truly dispatchable renewable power. This amalgamation reduces the investment per megawatt, leveraging shared infrastructure and shipbuilding techniques for efficient series production.

SEAWORTHY aligns with EU’s Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy and climate neutrality goals, addressing REPowerEU’s call for energy storage. Our adaptable design facilitates diverse manufacturing options, fostering a distributed European supply chain. Beyond its technical prowess, SEAWORTHY fosters local job creation, even in regions with limited marine industry presence. Join us on this transformative journey toward sustainable offshore power.

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