Projects in progress

Of the estimated 400GW offshore wind market by 2050, Floating Power Plant will be targeting 20GW, corresponding to €50bn potential revenue with the only technology to target high wave energy sites.

Floating Power Plant

Current projects

Floating Power Plant are developing a global pipeline of projects, at the head of which are 2 UK projects: Dyfed Floating Energy Park in Wales and Katanes Floating Energy Park in Scotland. DP Energy are leading the development of these projects in which the first full scale, P80, units will be deployed and operated.
Further project opportunities are being developed both in Europe and emerging markets, including traditional electricity supply and new applications in parallel markets where the power is required for on-site processes.
"DP Energy believes Floating Power Plant provides one of the most promising hybrid technologies in the sector for extracting both wave and wind energy and we have chosen to partner with them on two pilot demonstration projects in the UK leading to potential commercial project developments, each with a capacity of around 200MW."

Simon De Pietro, CEO DP Energy
Floating Power Plant - Projects in Pipeline

Projects in the pipeline and areas with high potential

Offshore wind installations are moving further away from the shore and into deeper waters, due to the scarce availability of wind sites, creating a need for floating foundations. These are Floating Power Plant's key global market segments.